Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Japanese AV actress shows her love for Big Bang’s G-Dragon

Japanese AV actress Shiori Kamisaki (21) recently expressed her love for Big Bang’s G-Dragon.
Shiori Kamisaki is under one of Japan’s biggest AV labels, KMP, and is also revealed to be a big fan of the Hallyu wave. After uploading ‘proof shots’ of her GD&TOP album, Shiori wrote on her blog, “My heart has been captured by Big Bang’s G-Dragon. G-Dragon is a member of a Korean group named Big Bang, and I hope to see their live [concert] some day. When I sleep, I dream of GD.”
In another post, she wrote, “The Japanese version of ‘You’re Handsome’ is starting. I’m an avid fan ofJang Geun Suk’s ‘I’m Handsome’ so I’m looking forward to the Japanese version of it as well.”
Source + Photos: E News 24 via Nate

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