Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rainbow primes for Japanese debut by unveiling their official website

On August 3rd, DSP Media launched Rainbow’official Japanese homepage in preparation for the girls’ impending debut in Japan.
The homepage contains information about their upcoming debut single, “A“, as well as never-before-seen photos. The site will serve as a platform of communication between the members and their new fans.
Rainbow have already acquired a strong fanbase, thanks to their connection with sister group KARA. They’ve also earned a warm welcoming from the Japanese press with their performances in ‘Music Bank in Tokyo‘ and the ‘Love 1 Festival’.
Rainbow stated, “We will be sharing news about our promotions and various pictures and videos through our homepage to better communicate with our fans. We’re glad that we have our own homepage and promise to visit it often to update our fans with good news.”
Rainbow will be releasing their single on September 14th.
Source + Photos: Star News via Nate

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