Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hyomin loves retro styles and Super Mario

T-ara’s Hyomin revealed a couple of fun photos on her Twitter to the delight of her fans.

On the 7th, she uploaded a picture of herself dressed in 70’s style clothing and wrote, “I am really into retro because of ‘Roly Poly’. These days, I wear pleated skirts for day clothes.”

In the photo, Hyomin is sporting a vintage hairstyle, white blouse, and a retro-style skirt.
Netizens complimented, “Retro style will definitely get popular”, “She really makes the retro style come alive”, “Her day clothes are so cute”.

Hyomin then transformed into Shigeru Miyamoto’s famous video game character, Super Mario.
Along with the photos she wrote on the 8th, “Transform into Taegeuk Super Mario”.
In the photo, she is sporting a red headband and a white and blue jacket with a star pattern. The color scheme of her outfit is similar to Super Mario’s.

Along with her style, she showed off her perfect skin, light but pretty makeup, along with her beautiful looks. It seems like she’s been interested in fashion these days.

Netizens wrote, “She’s really a doll”, “There can’t be a Super Mario that cute”, “She has flour skin”.

Meanwhile, T-ara has recently signed a huge contract worth 4.7 billion won (around $4.5 million USD) with J-ROCK, a Japanese agency to debut in Japan.

Source: NewsenW Star News via Nate

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