Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jungah & Jooyeon drop another hint about After School’s subunits

Ever since After School announced that they’d have sub-units within the group, the ladies began dropping hints about where members would go. Starting with UEE, the members continued with their small teasers about the membership of the ‘red’ and ‘blue’ units.

Pledis Entertainment tweeted, “Jungah and Jooyeon visited the office! They didn’t even tell each other beforehand to match up like this. Don’t they look like twin sisters? ^^ Red vs blue! Will twin sister concept Jungah and Jooyeon be in the same team! Or different teams? ^^ Today’s hint is hidden in this picture!”

They continued, “The members will be divided 50% by fan votes, 20% by fans, 20% by member opinions, and 10% by employee opinions! ^^”
The final units will be announced at their official fan meet on July 9th.

Source + Photos: Everyday Economy via Naver

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