Wednesday, July 6, 2011

miss A’s Jia shows off anniversary cake from fans

In celebration of miss A’s first anniversary, Jia shared a photo of a special cake the group received as a present from their Chinese fans.

On July 2nd, Jia wrote on her Weibo (Chinese micro-blog), “Waaaaa~ I only saw the cake now! It’s so pretty! It really looks like us! Thank you, all of our Chinese Say As! You all are really the best!”

Dressed in their debut “Bad Girl Good Girl” uniforms, the cute sugary replicas can be seen standing on top of the cake, congratulating the girls on their anniversary.

Just a day before, Jia had also written through Weibo, “July 1st, miss A’s first debut anniversary! The reason I was able to come to Korea and become a celebrity, three years of suffering, my ability to understand Korean, the changes I’ve undergone since our debut – I’m thinking of all of the honors! Time flies so fast! To everyone that has helped us by our side, and to all of our Say As, thank you so much! It’s because of you that miss A exists. Let’s continue to work hard and fighting!  I love you!”

Source + Photos: TV Daily via Nate

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