Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SECRET’s Jun Hyosung shares tear-filled story of her father’s death

SECRET’s Jun Hyosung tearfully shared her heartbreaking story about her father’s death.

On July 5th on SBS’s TVStrong Heart‘, Jun Hyosung confessed the story about her audition on ‘Battle Shinhwa‘ and her training years after signing an exclusive contract.

In addition, she said, “I moved up to Seoul from Chung-Ju and I took my midterm. I had received a perfect score on 2 out of 3 subjects. But when I called my dad, he said ‘you surprised me’ and it was uncommon for him to react like that“. She continued, “I went back down to Chung-Ju after my exam but when I saw my dad, he wasn’t exactly who I remembered him to be” breaking down in tears.

Unable to stop her tears, Hyosung added, “My dad was emaciated and was lying in the hospital bed. A cancer lymph node was spreading through his neck so he couldn’t eat for 40 days. I was shocked to see my dad so haggard and thin.” She also said, “My family didn’t tell me any of this because they thought that I would worry too much. And I couldn’t care for my family enough for me to notice either“, revealing her painful story of her past.
Jun Hyosung continued with her story and said, “I had to go back to Seoul because I had practice the next day and I had fallen into deep sleep. When I woke up, I had 40 missed calls. So I hurriedly went back to Chung-Ju. When I got there, I realized that my dad had removed his air mask himself on the 7th, right after my sister’s birthday which was on May 6th.” Her father didn’t want his daughter to experience such tragedy during her birthday so he held on to his life one more day.

In addition, she regretfully questioned herself as tears flowed down her cheeks, “Why I hadn’t been there for my father during his final moments because of my dream” and said, “When I saw his cold body, that’s when I realized it was the end. The last time I had held his hand, it was cold and still“, while recalling the last few moments with her father.
Jun Hyosung continued, “The group that UEE, Yoobin, G.NA and I were all preparing for named, ‘OhSoNyuh‘ broke apart and Yoobin unni had debuted before me. So I thought, why is this only happening to me? Asking friends around me about their debut really hurt me” revealing her true thoughts.

While wiping off her tears, Hyosung admitted, “I was scared to meet people because I wasn’t ready to debut as a singer and had no set future.

Finally, Hyosung said, “When SECRET had won 1st place, I thought about my dad a lot“. She also sent a video message to her dad, saying, “I’ll do my best as a daughter and won’t disappoint you and the whole family. Please continue to look after me.
Source & Photo: Nate

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