Thursday, July 7, 2011

ZE:A’s manager shares photo of injured Hyungshik

Earlier, we reported on how ZE:A’s Hyungshik experienced a shocking accident after falling overboard from a yacht.

On July 7th, their manager uploaded a photo of Hyungshik’s ankle injury from the set of their “Watch Out!” MV filming. He wrote, “The hospital said that he should take a break for now, but Hyungshik is determined to continue. A lot of us are worried for him. Maybe it’s because their comeback is coming up, but he’s ignoring the concerns of the staff and is working harder than ever. I hope that we will no longer have bad news and that this string of bad luck will bring good results.”

Hyungshik revealed that he had experienced pain in his ankle, but decided to relieve it by wrapping a tight bandage around his ankle for now. Not only is he preparing for
ZE:A’s comeback, but he must also attend to preparations for his musical, “The Wolf’s Temptation“, which begins on July 19th.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate

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