Saturday, July 2, 2011

Broadcast of UEE’s drama ‘Birdie Buddy’ gets postponed

After School’s UEE was scheduled to make her first lead role appearance in the drama, ‘Birdie Buddy‘. However, the broadcast of the much maligned show was postponed.

The drama’s publishing group, Group Eight, recently stated, “‘Birdie Buddy’ is currently having some organizational issues; therefore, the drama will be postponed. Because of this, UEE is paying for it…It’s too bad that her acting was cut out, especially as it was so excellent that it surprised the producers.”

While UEE has acted in dramas before, this will be her first lead role appearance. In addition, ‘Birdie Buddy’ is a drama set around the topic of golf.

Because of these two factors, the drama has been garnering much interest. However, as MBC has been facing one-sided conflicts, the drama has been temporarily postponed.
Since the news of the postponement, anti-fans have flared up and turned against UEE. They began to point their fingers in UEE’s direction, blaming the drama’s postponement on UEE’s casting.

In response, the same representative stated, “Although the final contract has not been drawn, it is true that it will ideally be broadcast in August…We want to broadcast it as soon as possible so that UEE, the other actors, and the producers can gain the recognition they deserve for their hard work.”

Source: Enews24 via Nate News

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