Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jo Kwon’s “Congratulations” Selca to Maeng Gina

2AM’s Jo Kwon reveals a special friendship photograph via twitter.
On July 1st, Jo Kwon tweeted, “My friend of 10 years, Gina noona’s ‘Cafe Italy’ has finally been published~! I want to travel so badly after reading this book…. by Maeng Gina“.

In the photo, Jo Kwon is holding Maeng Gina’s book tightly with an enthusiastic expression. Within the book Maeng Gina has handwritten a note saying, “To our loving Gwon” which he shows off proudly.

The two people, along with Wonder Girls‘ leader Sunye, appeared on SBS TV’s ‘Park Jin Young’s 99% Challenge Project‘ back in 2001 and as they continued on their separate paths to becoming stars they’ve remained close friends to this day.
Netizens responded with, “10 years? Jo Kwon is loyal“, “He has a very intimate expression“, “The two’s relationship is wonderful“, and “really intimate“.

Out of the 2AM members, Jo Kwon has been dubbed the ‘cool guy’ in last month’s issue of the magazine ‘Men’s Health‘.

Source: Donga via Nate

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