Saturday, July 2, 2011

YG launches 2NE1 “I Am The Best” dance cover contest

2NE1 launches a dance cover contest for their latest song, “I Am The Best“, addressing fans all over the world.

The dance cover contest will be held from July 8th to August 5th and through this, 2NE1 is planning on sharing their music and dance with fans from all over. This isn’t the first time 2NE1 has launched a global contest; last month, after releasing “Lonely“, 2NE1 also held a global cover contest. In response, thousands of fans world wide uploaded their version of the song. The final 40 contestants are currently involved in a voting contest through facebook.

While the contest for “Lonely” was focused on only the song, the “I Am The Best” contest is adding the choreography part of the song and as a result brought much excitement and is highly anticipated to gather content-filled videos.

The choreography for “I Am The Best” accompanies its overly-confident lyrics; ‘the conceited-dance’, the showy performance attire with backdancers, and choreography emphasizing each member’s personality created a big buzz as soon as it went on air.

The distinctive groove that only 2NE1 seems to be able to showcase increased interest in dancers from all over and was chosen to be one of the top choreography routines that they want to emulate.

Since it is difficult to see the full choreography of the song through performances or the music video, YG Entertainment posted a video on their official blog ( of 2NE1’s uncut version video filmed by president Yang Hyun Suk himself. Officials of YG Entertainment said, “It’s okay to copy the choreography but we’re also expecting to see unique interpretations of it as well. We hope that many people will enter this contest.

In this contest, after watching 2NE1’s version of the choreography, the contestant must film and update their own video and achieve support. 2NE1 and the actual choreographers will be the judge in choosing 1st to 4th place, a total of 21 teams, and they will be prized with 2NE1’s concert tickets, Adidas Originals merchandises, and 2NE1’s actual stage attires.

Meanwhile, “I Am The Best” is receiving love and support from domestic music charts as well as Youtube and iTunes.

Watch as members of 2NE1 announce their dance cover contest for “I Am The Best”

Source & Photo: Nate

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