Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fans from all over the world donate to charity for Leeteuk’s birthday

On July 1st, Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk celebrated his 29th birthday by thanking his fans for their support.

The leader tweeted, “Thank you so, so much.. I feel like I’m receiving such tremendous love and congratulations for the last birthday of my 20’s.. I’ll greet you again tomorrow, thank you.. ㅠㅠ.”

After linking a fanmade video for his birthday, he continued, “To all of our fans all over the world, thank you..”

Leeteuk also acknowledged the donations his fans made to “World Child Cancer” and “Save the Children” for his birthday. He wrote, “You’ve done a good deed once again for my birthday!! So many people all over the world took part it!! It’s not me that should be congratulated, but E.L.F. all of you! Pat pat on the butt for doing a good job!!!! ^^”

He continued, “You guys are like angels without wings.. ^^ Good deeds are popping up everywhere!”

Finally, he concluded, “ and World E.L.F. Thank you to everyone giving me so much love all over the world.. I’m such a happy and blessed person, I love you ♥.”

Happy birthday, Leeteuk!

Source + Photos: Leeteuk’s Official Twitter
Tip: Kyudreamer

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