Saturday, July 2, 2011

‘Running Man’ staff gets surprised by enthusiastic reception in Thailand

The cast and crew of SBS’s  ’Running Man‘ were pleasantly surprised by the reception they received when they visited Thailand to shoot the 1-year anniversary episode of the popular urban variety show.

Although the visit was shrouded in secret as usual, the Thai fans had figured it out in advance thanks to local drivers who helped move equipment beforehand.
Although the ‘Running Man’ PDs had expected most fans to cheer on 2PM’s
Nichkhun (the weekly guest along with actress Kim Min Jung), they were surprised by the amount of fans who hollered for the other ‘Running Man’ members.

“The fans had made pickets for the ‘Monday Couple’, ‘Sparta Kooks’, and Haroro,” said PD Jo Hyo Jin. “It was surprising to see that Thai fans could somehow watch our show.”
The cast and crew were especially surprised by the reception to Lee Gwangsoo, the actor who is fixed member on the show. “Some fans came to greet us with painted-on mustaches,” the PD said. “I think Gwangsoo may have been crying.”

Although the cheers of the fans were something they were pleased to hear, there were also concerns with the shooting venue. “We hadn’t gotten advance permission to shoot, and if we couldn’t take care of the situation we would’ve had no choice but to close filming down.”

Thankfully, the fans understood after the situation was explained to them and the filming was able to continue. The PD also said that fans were gathered at the final shooting location, where they cheered on the winners.

The Thailand episode will be broadcast on July 3rd and will also feature Nichkhun’s family and relatives.

HaHa fell in love with his sisters,” the PD joked. Nichkhun’s  sisters, who have appeared on television before, are well-known for their beauty.
Source: SPN via Nate

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