Sunday, July 3, 2011

SNSD and BoA to attend ‘Summer Sonic 2011′

On June 30th, the line-up for the event which includes SNSD and BoA was published on Summer Sonic’s official website. BoA will be the first solo female singer from Korea to attend the prestigious festival.

‘Summer Sonic 2011′ will be held on August 13th and 14th in Tokyo and Osaka where there will be 2 performances for each venue. BoA is scheduled to perform on August 13th in Tokyo alongside Avril Lavigne, Japanese hip-hop group, Rip Slyme, Perfume, etc. SNSD on the other hand will be performing on August 14th in Tokyo as special guests.

Some of the big names who will be making their appearances on ‘Summer Sonic 2011′ are The Strokes, Red Hot Chilipeppers, Panic! At The Disco, Korn, X-Japan, etc.

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