Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yunho and Cha Jun Hwan show their warm friendship

U-Know Yunho (25) and Cha Jun Hwan (10) show their warm friendship.

On the 30th of June, Skating Coach Choi In Hwa who participated in SBS “Kiss & Cry” uploaded behind the scene photos on his mini homepage.

Among the photos being posted, the photos starring Yunho and Cha Jun Hwan caught the eyes of the viewers. Yunho and Cha Jun Hwan, being Claudia and Jin Ji Hee partner respectively are competitors for the program. However, in the photos, they do not display any tensions of competitiveness. They have known each other well and are simply comfortable being together.

In the first photo, Cha Jun Hwan placed Yunho’s leg on his thighs and helped him to tie his laces while Yunho was pleading him with both hands positioned together. In the second photo, Yunho was holding Cha Jun Hwan’s wrist while pointing at the camera playfully.

After looking at the photos, netizens gave comments such as “Yunho will be a good dad in the future”, “Both of them are cute” and “Is Yunho saying ‘ri~ght’?”

Meanwhile, the second competition of “Kiss & Cry” has taken place on the 21st of June at SBS Production Centre in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province and will be aired on the 3rd of July. Source: sports donga, AmourYoonJae Translated by: lynn9 @ Distributed by: lynn9 @

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